Texas Teacher Academy is the Premier Daycare Credentialing Organization in Texas.


If you are interested in accomplishing your career goals in childcare, we are here to help.  Our Daycare Administrator Credential is recognized by Texas Child Care Licensing. We are committed to helping you meet the education requirements to receive your Texas Child-Care Centers Director's Certificate and helping you become a successful licensed director. Whatever your goals are, we are here to partner with you to make them happen.



With over 13 years of training in the childcare industry and over 15 years of training in K-12 public schools in Texas, we have a proven track record for success.

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Enroll today in our premier daycare credentialing programs to help you with your leadership role tomorrow. 

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Upcoming F2F Classes

Enrollment open now:

November 15th & 16th
Daycare Administrator's Certificate

Enrollment Opens 11/16/19 

December 20th & 21st
Daycare Administrator's Certificate

Enrollment Opens 12/16/19 

January 17th & 18th
Daycare Administrator's Certificate


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