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Conversations in Childhood

Product ImageTeaching with love is just as important as teaching with the proper tools that emphasize quality pedagogical knowledge. Conversations in Childhood is a workbook designed and created for individuals going into the field of early childhood education...

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Cooking is For Girls!

Product ImageCooking is for Girls! A story that explores social and behavioral norms regarding traditional gender roles and expectations. Major's mom challenges him to think outside of traditional gender roles by introducing lima beans for dinner! Major is 8 1⁄2 years old and his mother wants him to help cook lima beans for dinner! Lima Beans? Really? Cooking? Cooking is for girls! His mother insists that he come learn to cook. As he learns to cook, he uses math and science concepts in the kitchen. He knows that boys are good at math and science, but he discovers is that girls are good at it too. He quickly learns that it really doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl, whatever one can do, the other can do too, even if that means eating lima beans.

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Creating Cultural Responsiveness

Product ImageKnowledge of sound pedagogical practice is meaningless without the wisdom to effectively implement those practices that manifest change in the performance of under-achieving youth...

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Little Mitchell Tried to be Good

Product ImageThis is a little story of big adventure. Little Mitchell tries to be good, but most of the time his behavior is misunderstood. Journey with Mitchell and his mother as they better understand each other through Mitchell’s heartwarming trials and tribulations...

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The Word Eating Monster

Product ImageThe Word Eating Monster is a story of adventure that teaches directionality and all of the pre-primer basic sight words. Once early readers can read all of the sight words in the story along with Micah the Hero, they will have mastered the first sight word list that most emergent readers are exposed to A monster is eating all the words inside of Micah's book. Some of the words have escaped and are hiding all over his room. Micah must save the day by finding the monster, reading the words in his tummy and the run away words hiding all over his room. It's not going to be easy to find the monster and read all the words, but Micah the Hero, is going to try. He must look up and down, to the left and to the right, inside and outside and all over the place! How about you? Can you help Micah read all of the words and save the day?

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